Wall Safety


Double Braid Sling

Polyester double braid sling with Cordura eye. Available in both 5/8" and 3/4" diameters and lenghts from 8' to 16'. These can be ordered either coated or uncoated.

5/8" - $38.95
3/4" - $42.95
Free Throw

The ultimate throwing and utility pulling line. FREE THROW is a 1/8" diameter 100% Polyethylene solid braid. Slick running and flexible FREE THROW is available in 1000 ft. reels and individual hanks of 100 or 150 ft.


False Crotch Block & Sling

Tie it under the area to be cut for block downs and you will have total control of the object to be cut. Wall's 3/4' steel block is attached to the 4" eye on one of the ends of the 3/4" x 16'. Wallthane coated double braid polyester rope.